guest post – liz hall – slam poetry ix

This is one of Sara B.’s good friends…I love how she is just jumping in with us. I don’t know about you, but I am having fun! Thanks, Liz.
Who am I?
I am me.
A person I can’t even read.
Darkness falls.
It blinds me so.
I can’t hear.
The silence screams.
I feel- empty.
No ones home.
Change has come.
It’s been here.
I’ve formed-
Into someone renewed.
I lost my way.
He led me down.
Down a path- just to drown.
A cloud of smoke.
A cough, a choke.
That’s all it took- for I was hooked.
On His love.
I fell into it.
A deadly trap.
Self discovery.
And I can see
That all I am-
Is all me.
I’ve made mistakes-
This is true.
But I will never be you.
That’s fine with me
Cause now I see
Without you I’m only me.
The best person I can be.
Now I’m here-
Here today.
A different girl than I was those days.
The wind hits my face-
I smile to myself.
Cause He helped me preservere.
He made everything clear.
I am who I am.
And the past is gone.
The present is here.
A future always near.
Laugh lines forming on my face
Cause I realize I know my place.
Who could think they know me so?
For only we truly know our soul.



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2 responses to “guest post – liz hall – slam poetry ix

  1. Sara

    words behind a moving testimony! love her to death!!

  2. Liz

    Thanks Sara! I love you ❤

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