I’ve been thinking back over the year a bit.  Thinking about what all happened and more importantly, what I learned this year…

First, I learned that I like to write more than anything. I learned that I love encouraging, okay, manuevering others who are able to write into doing it for us all.  Sometimes that has been students, sometimes friends and sometimes I have been able to convince some serious writers to write with me as well.  I am so very delighted that all of those talents hiding about me have thrown this hungry reader a few bones of late…

I am proud of myself for sticking to a fairly serious regimen of writing. I have several projects in the works, beside this blog. There is a book I am editing and some drafts for a story line of another book I am dreaming up with a friend, and there is my Ignaitus Journal which is a contemplative exercise I began this summer. And, I try to write things for and with my students. I do write a great deal, but it is my favorite thing to do and all.

Second, I have learned that friends are to be found everywhere. We have some new staff at school this year. All are wonderful and I am excited about getting to know them even better this coming semester. I have also stumbled on or been directed to some really great blog writers. (See my blogroll for some great reading.) Most of the authors have been teachers, professors and guides to me. Some have become friends.

I sense some more of the same in the year to come, as far as writing goes…lots of writing with my students and Ignatius and knocking out these books we have been stringing along… and hopefully, lots more of what we both seemed to enjoy most: collaborations and fabulous guests.

So, thank you all my friends…old and new,who have so encouraged me in my writing this year.



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2 responses to “2010

  1. PJ

    That’s a great year! You are getting ever-closer to convergence.

  2. No, thank YOU for encouraging us/me to write. It’s become a new favorite pastime. I can’t wait to read your book! I have no idea what it’s about but I know that I will love it because I love how you write:)

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