When I was little, about 4,  I went through what I like to call my green phase. For an extended season of my life I only wore green. You may be thinking, I knew she has always been crackers, my sister can give you much fodder to bolster that view, but I would argue that “eccentric ” is a better descriptor. So, yes, like all great artists, I did spend a bit of time in that verdant land…

Well, I have been praying about this next nine weeks to come. The main impression I have is the color blue. I see blue skies, blue oceans, and the blues of my eyes. All the music I think that I will be playing in our Reflections class ( isn’t the predominant reflection blue?) makes me think of the color blue. I have covered all the tables in my room in a cerulean shade. I am planning on wearing the color every day. ( We’ll see if they even notice.) But yes, my blue phase is dawning.

Blue is the hallmark of the heavenlies – the expansiveness and presence of God. So, put on your jeans or your hues of blue and join me.


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