…the place that you have made

1/3 am

More Amber Brooks…because, well, this is where we are talking a lot, the Holy Spirit and I.

“I’m seeking just to find you. I’m listening just to hear. I’m reaching out to touch you. I’m quickly drawing near.

Spirit fall, you’ve torn the veil. I enter in to the place that you have made.”

...the place that you have made.

Every time that I hear this line it seems big and bold and it pounds in my heart.

I want to look into that. I want to let that run about my mind like water in a stream…

The place that you have made. What is that place that I almost see? How do I get there? I usually just seem to fall and land there…stumbling through some  wardrobe or tumbling down some rabbit hole. How do I, can I go to that secret, hidden (safe) place, at will? Because, I need to know, I need to get there and show a few others the way as well.

1/3 pm

Okay, I fell in. I was up at the school, getting ready, and avoiding boxing up more Christmas. I decided to pay my minions to do that for me. A friend reminded me why we have kids and all.

For a long time, I have been looking for someone who really gets me, speaks my particular dialect of language, is my tribe here at home. Someone about my own age, with some similar experiences, someone who on so many levels might just understand. ( I have friends here, but thank God, so much of what has shaped me for better and for worse, they have avoided in this life.)

I stumbled on and fell through to…it was so very near…that place. I walked right into… someone sent, it seems ( if I am selfishly appraising all things) just for me, to help me in some things before me to do, and someone for me to strengthen and, hopefully, help as well in those things before her.

It seems surreal…but so much does of late, so I am trying not to let that throw me.

God, always shows up…just in time, with help, when it’s needed. He always does. He always does.


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One response to “…the place that you have made

  1. love. so good. so glad.
    (i posted amber brooks yesterday!)

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