the nod

I love your comments and dialogue with me. They so motivate me to think and grapple more with what I write. And, honestly, your company, knowing you care enough to read what I write, is a huge blessing. I consider you, the reader, a friend.

A writer friend and I were taking about growth as a writer the other day…what motivates us to dig deeper, work harder, open ourselves and examine what we see and what the Holy Spirit might show us… and to write it free.

I thought a minute and shared an incident with her. I was in a venue and someone who I consider one of the very best at his craft, caught my eye and affirmed my calling in the same. He didn’t say anything aloud…but he held my eyes and gave me the nod of approval, well done.

One of the reasons I have not made this practice time public is that very thing I have just described.  What really motivates me, not to produce, but to grow as a writer, is not “yeah, rah’s” from the many meaning well, but the nod of the master.

I had a similar experience yesterday. You readers may have noticed a Karen dropping by to give me a quick nod. You may not know who Karen Zacharias is, check my blogroll to find our more about her and her exemplary work. Karen is a master. The kind of brave and brilliant writer I so hope to one day be.

Hmm. Been thinking about how I sometimes get bogged down in what people might think or not get about me. Sometimes I concern myself with pleasing expectations that I perceive someone may have for me or I try to align myself with what I perceive someone may value. Problem is, none of that has much power to help me truly walk out who I am to be, what I am to do with this life that I am given. Even the best expectations and values in others seem to have no power make me myself.

But, that eyeball locked nod of the master, does.

You have to get close, to lock eyes…You have to turn your face toward the master’s. You have to look for what those eyes will say and let that sometimes unspeakable in, to work what it will in you. And,… you have to receive that nod, I see you, the real you, I know you and want you to see yourself, you, as well.



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2 responses to “the nod

  1. Kimberly… I love your writtings. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Katie Fowler

    Mrs. Sullivan i have spent the last few minutes reading through your blogs. You are a brilliant writer and most definetly an inspiration to me.

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