I love…

This is something I wrote alongside of other students in our bible class yesterday. They asked me to post it, so since I won’t have to come up with anything else to post today, I will indulge them.

We use to play the “I love…” game in college. You can’t really know someone until you know what they love. Especially, if that person is you.


I love watching eyes of students opening up to who they just may be.

I love the soft crumbling of leaves laid low a season underfoot and the sharp snap of the newly fallen.

I love the deep quiet after a knowing glance.

I love the tension of eternity trying to break in on time when God shifts His posture in a place.

I love the circles filling with sky as my paddle breaks the water.

I love splitting skins of grapes, the clean breaks where the flesh is full.

I love running in fields at night, unafraid of false footfalls.

I love water surging against my legs, cold flowing past and seemingly through me, in our clean, clear creek.

I love the smallness of standing in a volcano-lined riverbed.

I love wood walks alone, feeling my way toward meeting ground.

I love walking against the wind, leaning in and dragging a foot in the running waves.

I love the first crisp page of a book long anticipated.

I love the uneasy joy of scaling out the highest possible branch and holding tight upon its swaying.

I love good dirt in my hands, crumbly, wet and warm.

I love time suspended – previews of soon, now.

I love the green of grasshoppers, the blue of heron wings, the red of ladybug shells and the purple of dusk.

I love being in this class with all of you.

What do you love? Will you share it with me?



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2 responses to “I love…

  1. Morgan Holcombe

    Miss Sullivan, you word things so precisely and you speak so inspirationally. 🙂 I LOVE your writings and i love to just listen to you. It truly opens my mind to a whole new world. Thank you.

  2. Addison Barksdale

    I love and admire your ability to write. You have a true gift.

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