I cannot abide…

In this activity our bible class sought to determine a little more of who we were…What is counter to who we are, what do we love to defend? What sticks in me deep? Snags on my soul?

Again, my post. I’m reading the Kiddos’. Expect to see a few of theirs on the morrow.  Then you’ll understand what I mean about expectations too low and all.

I cannot abide…pens that write poorly.

I cannot abide…drawers left open.

I cannot abide…words thrown around without thought.

I cannot abide…being late…missing the mark of God. The “X” marks the spot mark, here, right here, now.

I cannot abide… not finding the key, the angle, the way to woo a student to life.

I cannot abide…the state of women in the world: left out, left without, left alone, left over,  left behind.

I cannot abide… patronizing, political parrots.

I cannot abide…selfishness dressed as favor.

I cannot abide…strategies that don’t embrace the future.

I cannot abide… attitudes that belittle youth and their capacity.

I cannot abide… religion’s demands.

I cannot abide …God’s love rendered less than it is…without end or measure.

I cannot abide…life apart from God’s presence.

I cannot abide…low expectations of young people.

I cannot abide…bad quality ketchup or barbecue sauce and store brand Cheezits.

What snags on your soul?



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2 responses to “I cannot abide…

  1. Amber King

    Although I like the post in general, the pens that write poorly and store brand Cheez-it’s snagged me…a woman after my own heart! What is the point of trying to write with a sub-par pen?

  2. Kimberly- I love this exercise and I will definitely be using it in my near future. Thank you for sharing your spirit with your readers.

    In His Grip, Heatherly

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