So, I got them in on it, too…

Miss Alece inspired us all.. to simplify, to focus, to hear God for a word, one word to help funnel the change we need into our lives this year. Today in class, I shared my word, vision, with the other students. I put on some music and asked them to listen to the HS for a guiding word and to write a brief explanation as to what they heard in relation to it. Why that word, if  they had any insight at this point.

After about twenty minutes most were looking up at me like, Well, are you ready to hear these?

I took me a week or more to clear my head enough to hear mine.

One reason I so love youth is that they more easily enter the NOW than us adults. We leap back and forth from past to future, but rarely settle in the NOW….where God is, all the time.

So, do you want to hear their words? They gave me permission to share them with you.

I sure would appreciate your prayers for these incredible young people. As you read over their names and words below, would you pray for a name if God drops it in your spirit to do so.

This class we share has been an incredible adventure in God’s goodness, love and His faithfulness to commune with us. We would so love for you to join with us, as we pursue God and let God pursue us, like never before.



Blair: return

Hope: heart, passion

Karley: perspective

Madi: forward

Lauren: peace, selfless

Amelia: complete

Jessica: relationship

Allie: be

Mackenzie: relationships

Amber: courage

Micah: hope

Evan: light

Emily: surrender

Lindsey: obedience

Morgan: peace

Kasey: trust

James: placement

Brody: difference

Stephanie: hope, desire

Bailey: solitude

Katie: gift

They all had phenomenal paragraphs explaining the why’s of their words. I wish I could publish them all. You would be so very impressed as am I. Did I tell you that I love these kiddos? Well, I’ll say it again. Oh my gosh, I love these kids.



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4 responses to “So, I got them in on it, too…

  1. I love that you shared this “word” project with your class!

    I am going to do this with mine!!

    Thankful to have stumbled upon your blog from Lee’s devo today! You were a wonderfully surprising blessing today!

    Much love from Kentucky,


  2. I’m totally going to steal this idea as well! I love it!

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