There are a couple of people I have been wanting to have a drop down discussion with, a time to share our hearts and to look for convergence. This week I had an initial discourse with two of those women…it was pretty clear that God was orchestrating more (holy) things requiring our collaboration. Today, the first young woman walked into my classroom. It was time for the drop down. She began, “Here’s where my heart really is, what I really want to do?  Can I do this?”  I let her talk a bit and then I confirmed all she suspected and struggled to explain. I called her, likewise, fully into herself. I released her to be herself, all the way. It wasn’t any authority that I hold that released her, I don’t have any. It was just the resonance of my words…words that I’ve been praying since before the break.

We discussed for a minute her frustration and then dropped down to the real conversation, the floor level questions so many of us, myself definitely included, ignore all the time, like: “What is God wanting to do here, in this season, this time, with this person or group of persons?” What is HE about right now?”

I know we don’t always have clarity, sometimes I trip and stumble the whole way to some semblance of understanding. Sometimes, I never find it. But, occasionally, I seem to have a bead, or footsteps to follow, or insight. This is such as occasion.

Right now, I sense some things strongly. Strongly enough so to call others alongside.

Usually, I let people talk, show their selves: their presuppositions and paradigms. Usually, I feel them out and figure that we lack a language common enough for us to partner. Sometimes though, I stop all that and speak, speak like sound and signal. I do not keep quiet, but speak clarion the NOW, right now, right here, this.  Words escape my careful ( fearful) nature and resonate beyond me. They are nothing of me, I simply pass them through… For, when there is humility – this girl has much, and when there is something God has cleared space to attend to, and when there is a restlessness to find His heart and manifest it and move in time and grace with Him…then, I cannot help but speak what I may sense to speak.

Today was such a day…honestly, something shifted. I could feel the ground grow more stable, an important balance regained.

In four more days, I have made appointment to drop down with one who I believe is another long arranged collaborator. She is waving me and what words I might sound on in. Welcoming what I might say. I have prayed seven years and most of those days for this sit down of our souls. I have known since I first met her eyes that this day would come. I did not know how. I did not know when. Only that it would.

There is a convergence coming, in these (holy) things of which I can speak and in things not yet sanctioned for such. But, the convergence is coming forth, and it is as welcome and warming as the dawn.


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