My family doesn’t really sit together at church. Not all of us, anyway. Our church has two services. Classes are broken up between those services. Trent runs sound for a ministry 2nd service, Meg has leadership responsibilities with Mission 56 2nd service and Molly has Mission 56. So, only Sarah ever sits with us. Sometimes she sits with some of the youth gang.

Most of the time though, Sarah chooses to sit with us. Primarily, because some of our family’s best friends sit near us. She is crazy about them. I looked down the pew today at the people sitting beside me, who live their lives alongside of mine, really do live their lives alongside of mine. I saw people who don’t have to come to birthday parties and gatherings at our home, but do. I saw students who don’t have to share the pains and hopes of their hearts with me, but do. I saw friends who don’t have to read most everything that I write, but do.  I saw people who love me, who choose to care for me, who choose to live life together with me. I saw lives that are really linked together.


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