Let me tell you a story.

I’m remembering how so many of my relationships started …me sharing a story and someone being drawn into that story that I loved or that I lived or maybe with a now friend offering a story to me.

Many years ago, I made a discovery…lots of folks have never had a story read to them. It shook my world to see such, here in the US of A. I discovered this as I went to say Christmas break goodbyes to a group of ministry students that had been kind to my children. Something or Somebody compelled me to take a couple of books along…that seemed strange, these students were 18, 19, 20 years old. But, before I went over for my visit, I tucked the books into my purse.

I had written this group of girls a note of thanks which I read aloud to them and then I asked if I could read them a story. Now, I had read to my students (middle-high school age) before many times, but these were quasi-adults. I felt a little strange, but I was  compelled none-the-less. I pulled out my favorite Christmas reads and began. The girls that lived there and those just over visiting were spread throughout the house. But, as I began to read, girls gathered and the circle enlarged. The young women moved close and settled quietly. Some got up from their initial position about the room and moved closer, like at my elbow closer, to me. The air was hushed. I read on, aware of the Holy Spirit’s nearness to us all.

When I finished, they beamed. A couple of them offered,”I don’t know when someone last read to me, I loved it.”

One girl, who had moved over closer to the beautiful words, told me later, “I don’t ever remember being read to, thank you.”

I know few things in this world. But, I know that story bonds and breaks boundaries and buoys dreams and is the essence of Life.

I believe that story is the language God most often speaks to us. It is how we relate to one another.

Today, we begin our unit in our Bible class on story. I have some powerful ones to share with the students… they have some important ones to share as well. It is my prayer that our time today will become Story, enlightening and sustaining.

Please pray for us as we gather to Story and share Life together.



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2 responses to “Let me tell you a story.

  1. i love this, friend. you know how i love a story. 🙂


  2. Amber

    You tell some of the best stories I have ever heard 🙂 I bet you were a fantastic reader to your “kiddos” too…

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