Hey, Writer Friends! Can you help us out?

This is an all call! I need some examples of character sketches. We are learning in Bible class to take notice of people who God uses in our lives. Today we will be writing about someone who has marked us with something that we take as a gift from God.

I am choosing to share about a teacher of mine. Since many of you are teachers, know some teachers or actually went to school, how about slinging something beautiful our way? If you can’t think of even one who did a thing for ya, maybe a coach or older friend. Please do not venture into the no-man’s land of writing and write about your mama or sibling, less of course you’ve gained lots of perspective through therapy  and grace. I mean, who can honestly write sanely about their mama, ‘specially if your mama was a Southerner?

So, skip back down those hallways and remember a dear soul who dealt with you daily… and then send your best memories on over to me.

I’d love to have these for class on Monday.



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