reading our stories

Yesterday, I read the students in our Bible class a favorite allegory from the dark ages: Ragman, by Walter Wangerin. Let me know if you are familiar with it. Today, I read the other students some of my stories. I tried to choose ones that let the students  in on my struggles, doubts and fears. I purposely let them see me as a real person, not just a teacher.

I know one must walk a fine line doing such as an Economics teacher, but in teaching, or better, facilitating this class, vulnerability and honesty is paramount. The others have to see me, to see the God that works above, around and through me. I want them to see themselves in the same way: not as a barrier to God’s life poured out, but as a viaduct.

He uses all of us, with or without our permission or knowledge. It’s so important that they understand, that I understand, how unlimited God is by us, and yet how much He loves to have us work in concert with Him.

I shared stories of my childhood, my school years, my time in college and my present. Most seemed to enjoy the window into me and consequently into God’s workings.

For what ever reason, my sensitivity to story, my love of it or something altogether else, God has included me in some great story moments. I have hundreds I can relay. Sometimes, I  listen to the Enemy and think my apparent preponderance will intimidate others…but, you know, anytime I have ever shared them, the opposite has occurred. Instead, we have all been humbled, encouraged  and enabled by the Spirit of God to better identify our own God moments.

So, I am going to keep writing them out and I’m going to keep on sharing them with those around me, to the glory of God.

Would you care to share one of your stories with me? I’d love to post it here for all to see.


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