a favorite place – Bailey D.

When Bailey enrolled in this “writing” class, she told me she couldn’t write well. She was lying.

Bright pink was the original color of the now faded pink walls. In the room was a small toy baby crib which was old and wooden. The crib belonged to my aunt when she was younger. The carpet, as I remember, was a faded brown but it was the softest carpet I had ever touched. There were two windows in the room. One was on the front of the house and the other was on the side. It wasn’t a very big room. In fact, in was quite small. I remember laying on the old brown carpet and pretending that I was a princess living in her pink castle. The old wooden baby crib that creaked and cracked every time it rocked was my favorite toy. Although I was always too scared to touch it because of how fragile it looked. There were no pictures in the room, and the only door in it was white. I called it my room, even though it technically wasn’t. I could shut myself away in it and be in perfect paradise….a bright pink paradise. Coming from the hallway and seeing the door, it doesn’t really look like much. But once you turn the golden doorknob and open up that pure white door, the pink room, my playroom, MY room, was waiting.


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