a favorite place – Allie H.

This is Allie. She is very enthusiastic about life, and lots of fun.

The walls were stained with the color of the ocean. The floors were stained with memories of sleep-overs and clumsiness. The smell of scented vanilla in the far corner under a brown, woven lampshade permeated throughout the room, crawling from every corner of it. A used book, pages never laying quite right again, was next to the hand painted roses on the bed frame. The sheets, surrounding a little girl, were bright with all the colors of the rainbow in forms of flowers. Behind two doors are all of the toys she could surround herself with. A few were missing; that was ok though. Through the eyes of the room, there were trees and an open sky, sometimes even a sunset and sunrise. Through the gate of the room was the rest of the world.



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