a favorite place – Amelia R.

Amelia is full of joy and life. She is always dancing or singing. Spending time around her is a blast!

My favorite place is my back porch. It was built by my Aunt’s ex-husband and my cousin. When it was first built it was as smooth as a polished bowling ball. You could rub your fingers against the grain and not have to worry about splinters. Now the wood is the color of a gray-haired man. On the porch is a grill and table set. During the summer, we would gather around the table as the sun set on the horizon creating a blend of pinks, yellows, and oranges. In the corner of the porch is a bronze swing. I would spend hours on that swing reading or looking into the sky swaying to the serene rhythm it created. In the middle of the porch is a little fire pit with four metal benches around it. The fire burns a tall flame into the sky and the embers underneath look like a constant light of a firefly on a summer night. The heat coming from it has the same intensity as when you first open the oven when the cookies you made with your mom are done.



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