A favorite place – Emily T.

This is Emily. I think I’m going to get her to take me along to this place the next time she goes.

We called it “S.E.E.K.” To you this place might have been just an ordinary spot but to me it was another world. “S.E.E.K.” was a huge rock platform in the middle of the woods overlooking a pond. This rock, with it’s cold temperature and occasional moss patch, was like a home away from home to me, especially when I needed to clear my head. I could go and sit on the rock with my legs hangin’ off the side and watch the of the pond ripple. The place just brought complete peace to me. Sometimes I would just sit on that rock and cry, sometimes scream in anger, and ponder my life and where it was headed. From this rock I could look out to the pond and see the sky, whether it was evening and the sun was setting or night and the stars were sparkling as the moon shone brightly. I could sit on the rock and listen to the birds and crickets chirp or the occasional animal run through the woods, or maybe even a fish pop out of the the water. That’s true music, music that can speak. If you get close enough, you can put your hand in the water and  feel the coldness and sliminess of it. Just laying on the cold rock could bring such peace, peace I didn’t get very often.



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