a favorite place – Karley C.

You all know Miss Karley well by now.

There’s this place behind the cul-de-sac of my street that my friend and I discovered. We had always seen it from a distance, and out of curiosity we decided to go there, to climb up there…the mound.

This was no ordinary little mound; it was massive, probably about seventy feet off the ground from the very top. The setting of this place was phenomenal. When I sat down by the edge on the little grassy patch of the mound, I looked at the bright summer sky, and the forest of trees in the distance. It felt like I could see everything there was to see; I could see…beauty. The way this place smelled was enticing as well. Even with all the dirt, the air smelled so refreshing, and as a wonderful addition to this clean smell, there was just a little hint of that “nature” scent from the forest nearby; an aroma that was so alluring, I just wanted to stay there forever, soaking it all up. All around the top of this mound was dirt, but I didn’t mind sitting in it. How was it any different from grass or sand? I lived by the saying, “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.” I didn’t mind sitting on it and having a huge dirt patch on my jeans when I got up. I didn’t care, and that’s why I loved the place. It was so carefree, so relaxing. Everything about it – the sight, the smell, the touch, and the overall mood – was what drew me to it. It was what persuaded me to take that dreadful climb up it, because in the end, I felt peace.



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