a favorite place – Micah D.

My place is a place of emotional comfort as well as emotional anguish. The dark coloring of the surroundings wash away every “busy thought” and every unnecessary anxiety or distraction. The blue, deep as the darkest part of the ocean, immerses me in the joy of being completely empty-minded and being able to simply exist as a normal being.

Just the thought of sitting on my Peavey amp makes me calm beyond description. The strength and simultaneous fragility of the small black box reminds me of my own solidarity and instability. I love my entire room, but something about sitting on that amp reminds me of every good, bad, and ugly memory. It’s incredible how such a small, uninteresting package can influence the direction of emotions and thoughts. The cool air of my room compliments the cool surroundings. The rough, uncomfortable surface quickly becomes suitable as every remembrance brings tears and a smile.

I always play my smooth guitar on this musical stool and write every emotion and pain on the neck of that instrument. There is no better way for my own spirit to release the tension from the day than for me to hide in my room, grab my guitar, and settle down on the amp to pour out my heart upon the floor and walls, feeling every pain on my fingertips.



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