a favorite place – Shelbie C.

Shelbie is one of the sweetest girls I have ever taught. I can just see her fashioning this special place when she was little.

In the corner of my old room was a large corner desk.  My mom moved it in there because it did not have another space or purpose.

One day I was sitting in my room looking at this thing that had invaded my only space, and I came up with the idea of taking a sheet and draping it over the front, thereby blocking me from the rest of the world.  Inside my newly developed Kingdom, there were two shelves that held up the desk.  The back corner was open and you could look straight up to the ceiling.  The right shelf held all of my kitchen toys and any play house toys.  The left shelf was my very own, never falling and always there, my first homemade Barbie House.

I made it my own so I could design it to look the way I wanted it and so that no one could ever touch it.  I laid blankets all over the floor to give me the comfort I needed to feel inside my very own, favorite spot.  Along the walls of the desk, I placed my favorite pillows and stuffed animals.  I also placed a lamp in there so I could always see.  I drew windows on two papers, one with the sun shining and one with a storm, and taped them to the wall.  Soon after, I drew a TV on a paper and placed it on the wall to complete my little house.  Later, I snuck some colorful sheets in to hang from the roof of the desk giving color and life to my house.  The final touch to complete my space was to add my small, purple CD player.  I would sit in there for hours listening to my chosen music or favorite books on tape.  Everyday I would lift the sheets to crawl into my hidden kingdom where everything was mine and, at the time, perfect. I would sit down on the softness, always newly washed with lavender blankets and go about my new day in my small little kingdom.  I would play with my Barbie, or listen to music, or play house.  This was my first me place.  This was my special place.



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