today we paused

Today we paused a moment in our Bible class – it is so much more than “Bible” class – alas, that is our traditional title and even I – who soundly disagree as to the need for the preponderance of “Bible” classes our students must take, can’t seem to shake its use.

Miss Rosemary’s passing has certainly jarred and arrested us all. She was just in this hallway, was she not?

So, it seems prudent to follow my faithful friend’s lead and examine ourselves in light of eternity a bit.

I pulled a few of the most provoking. Here’s a composite from their lists.

In light of the nearness of eternity, I will…

be more confident in myself and others.

admit that I was wrong.

listen, instead of talking.

look at no one as a stranger and be a good friend to as many as I can.

tell my family that I love them, when I want to. I will do it, instead of wondering what they will think.

not reject a legitimate cry for help.

pray for those around me that need such, whether they tell me to or not.

work to maintain relationships.

accept that there are some things that I have no control over.

do the things that I have always been too scared to do.

try to make people laugh everyday.

take life day by day.

stand up for myself and others like me who won’t.

start thinking about who my life is affecting.

accept “no” as an answer.

try my courage.

learn to love myself, for once.

They had lots of other good ideas as well. I promised to make my own list. Here goes.

In light of the nearness of eternity, I will…

meet eyes, not just address the question, problem, need.

notice and say “thank you” where it is due.

look hard for potential and feed it.

stay near in the now, not let fear and the fleshless future woo me on.

press hard against those things that wall me in, through my writing and my conversations with friends.

say I’m sorry when I know to.

unpack some of that baggage in a safe haven.

make time for sanctuary and sabbatical.

impart my heart to my children.

find what lights a fire in each of my students.

listen, listen, listen.

share more stories.

It’s been a hard week, but a good day.

Oh yeah, Elizabeth Ester, a blogger whose heart and story I so love, hosts a “Saturday Evening Post” over at her site. I attached a couple of my favorite posts from the last two months and read a few of the others she has so graciously granted opportunity to intersect with her readership.

Go get in on the fun and if you are not a regular reader of her blog, check it out, I think you will be soon!


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