Three places at once, make that four.

Today I have to be three places a once, make that four. I have two drop-offs: a baseball practice and a birthday party. I have two pickups: a soccer practice and a school dance. Hmm.

All are good things, all are important things, and fun. So, if the kids’ Daddy is still out making money, (remember, I teach, at a private school – somebody has to) I’m just going to have to do the best I can, to get everyone as nearly on time as possible.

I can take Trent early, Molly may be able to hitch a ride to her cousin’s party with her Grandma, and the girls will have to split the ten minutes early or ten minutes late exodus.

None of this is a big deal, when you have four active teenagers. My second job seems to be traffic control.

Normally, I would quickly find a way to make this all work and just go on…but somehow, I’ve been paused by the process a bit today, so I am lingering and wondering why.

Maybe, God is showing me something. Maybe, if I get still in my mind, I will see it.

I think that today is an allegory of days ahead, the “how’s” that are presently stumping me. I see things, holy, being added into the mix of this life. I see some things possibly being handed off to capable, trusted hands. I see some things being rushed along, just a little and some things being slightly late getting away…but, everything getting done and rightly taken care of, just the same…like always.

I get a little unsure at times that I am doing this thing at all, much less well. Whether that be mama-ing or teaching or mentoring or pastoring. Sometimes, I think, God, I could do this better…there are ways to focus and expand this more, there are more effective, efficient, richer, deeper, more connective, more …

And there are…but, I have four …very social, very, by choice, active children, who are interested in many pursuits…who like to go and do and be with. I have four, all less than 2 years apart. This season is silly insane, but it is short.

It will all get done. Everyone will get what they need, most of what they want…and in a pretty dang timely manner as well.

So, I tell myself the same. It will get done. Daddy, Who really can be four places at once, will make it happen. Just the way I  do for mine.



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2 responses to “Three places at once, make that four.

  1. amy

    Been there, done that…. got the t-shirts (literally) to prove it! You are stopping now to think this through, that’s good. If you do this often, you will be able to enjoy it so much more! God is good!!!

  2. Kimberly…thank you so much for your interest in my life. Your support is precious to me. I hope I can return it. Love, Lee

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