The tables are turned and we are being tested.

The tables are turned and we are being tested this week at school. Accreditation!

Everything looks great, the kids are showing appropriate restraint, except in some discussions we had in class today… But that is good, passion and engagement is always good.

You know, I’m one of those strange people who likes a test, a challenge to what I know. It helps me to access all that is in me, things I’ve forgotten about or stuck in some recess. It seems that I have more and more recesses.  Are recesses brain wrinkles?

Any way, I love to be asked hard questions, to be made to think and consider new angles of perspective, to find connections and associations between facts and realities and understandings.

I so wish I could get that into my students, the joy of a test. A good test should reveal all that you do know. It should help you organize your industry and retention. A good test should not leave you with a grade but an elevated view of the subject and its relevance and importance.

I’m thinking now about the tests I am formulating for this unit of study in each of my classes.

Lord. help me make the test a tool for learning and gaining understanding…Help me make the test as important to the development of minds and hearts as the reading and documentaries and the research projects and the reports and the presentations and my lectures. Lord, help me take time to give them the gift of a great test.


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  1. Margaret

    Life tests us all the time. After all the tests I have been given in the past 3 years, I welcome a man-made test! Tell your students that tests are NOT just something that happen in the classroom.

    Enjoy the challenge of the week. It is, after all, designed to improve the school, not harm it!

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