I watch for the opening eye.

I was talking to several other teachers yesterday about my Bible class, how I have this “ingenious” curriculum, but that I am having to forego it at times and feel my way. I was trying to describe that activity, what the markers that I am using to navigate look like.

When one has done something a long time it becomes “second nature,” one stops thinking about the how of it. One just does it: bike riding, driving a car, fishing, shooting, navigating a stream…

So, I took a minute to slow down and think about what it is that convinces me that the path I am pressing down is “the way.”

Impartation or impregnation is an invisible natural thing, but it does at times show itself in the spiritual, if one knows what to look for. Often, there is an opening of the eyes, a widening, and then a confirming meeting of those eyes with your own. There is reception and recognition. I look for both. If I only shock, I will get the open eye, but not the meeting in vulnerability. Impartation is not about shocking, it’s about arresting what is and replacing it with what resonates as reality.

I can remember such moments with so many students. Moments where we became the same in our need and reception of provision. We were  bound in understanding and the humility of such a great gift.

Yesterday,  a young woman who I have been watching and encouraging a couple of years now, had her eyes opened, WIDE…and then she glanced into mine, I’m done striving. His love has just undone me. I’m ruined for less….

See why I love this job?



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2 responses to “I watch for the opening eye.

  1. Kim

    Your students will remember you always.

  2. Good grief!!! The impression that the “way” of yours left of my wife if life-lasting. I cannot imagine what these kids must feel about you, Kim.

    So thankful for you.

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