Asses and Idiots

I think we have all seen ourselves as asses and idiots used of God, in spite of ourselves. Sometimes God really does use dumb (speechless) animals, remember Balaam’s donkey? and  unknowing ones to work deep things in us.

Late Saturday evening, I struggled to sleep. My eyes darted under my eyelids. I could not settle down, be still, rest. My mind raced, though caffeine had been in short supply. God had hinted a bit on my drive up  that He would be coming near to me. As of yet, such hadn’t overwhelmed me in any real way. But, I sensed the sureness of His declaration all the same.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I awoke to His whisper, “I am near.” The adorable little dog that had climbed on the bed and laid down a ways from me, a stranger, immediately moved toward me. She settled next to my feet and I felt God smile, NEAR!

An hour or so later, I struggled more and awoke, God’s sound pulsed louder in me, NEAR! The little dog stood up and edged over, she stretched herself out along the curl of my back. God, laughed, NEAR!

Later, nearly morning, He shook my shoulder, NEAR!, the little one clambered up, dug her head beneath my cover, tunneled far under and laid upon me.

It was then that I understood that God’s coming near would also tunnel deep into my covered places.  I was to be confident that He would come to me in such an unknown nearness, that I would know it, recognize it, sense it. He would confirm His word, capitalizing every letter of every word to me with His tangible closeness.



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4 responses to “Asses and Idiots

  1. Margaret

    It is reassuring to recognize that God is near in the small and the everyday. Often I long for a BIG production to announce Him, but creation does that all the time, I just don’t see notice. I am glad He comes in the stillness and the ordinary because my life is still and ordinary.

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