Showing theirs

I read yesterday’s post, Asses and Idiots, to our bible class yesterday. Then I asked them to share a similar encounter from their life. They all stared at me, like I had asked the impossible. I knew that they could do it, they always come through with beautiful things to share. They sat a while, I refused to allow  anyone to opt out or do some other task. “Sit still and let your spirit help you to remember,” I reminded them. Soon, pens began to move upon pages. Twenty minutes later, most had finished and were ready for me to call them out. I had a few early volunteers, who of course, had protested earlier as well, but now seemed fairly confident in what they offered.

Bailey, started us off….( remember Bailey is my cute little competitor/cheerleader who “can’t write.” She has lying issues when it come to  her writing. Call her out with me.)

I’ve been struggling with my problems lately. There’s this cat that is always walking around outside of my house. It belongs to the neighbors, but it ran away and they can never catch it to bring it back home. Well, while I was pulling in my driveway, I saw the cat, lying in the road. Someone hit it and left it here. Dead.

This showed me that running away from God or from your problems may feel like the safest thing to do, but you’ll end up running into bigger and worse things, that you’ll end up having to face alone. It’s better to face what you have going on now with help, then running away and having to face them by yourself.

Morgan is a mystical minion of mine. Here is her tale of God’s presence, near.

A couple of years ago, I was having a bad day. I’ve had many, but this day in particular was so bad that I decided to just run outside and cry. I didn’t want anyone to see me or talk to me. At this time, I had a dog. He was a Great Pyrenees named Blizzard. While I was sitting in the middle of my backyard crying, he romped up to me and started pawing at my elbows which were crossed on my knees, helping to bury my face. I looked up,  pushed him away and said through tears, “Go away, Blizzard. I don’t want anybody right now.” He backed up, as He had been pushed off  balance, but then he came right back and looked at me with his sad eyes and licked my arm. I tried to push him off again, but he laid down beside me and waited for me to pull myself together.

Looking back on this, I can see that the incident showed me a glimpse of God’s care and how He wishes we would care for others. He comes to us to offer comfort in times when we think we want to be alone with no help. If we push Him away, He tries again and then rests by our side until we are ready to let Him come close. No pressure, no nagging words, just there.

Mackenzie nails this one. She is a quiet young woman. But she has a great deal to say.

This story is really ironic because yesterday I saw something in my dog’s eyes. When I first got him, I always played with him and everywhere that I went, he went. But then I started to grow up and he grew old on me. I played with him less and less, I caged him more. But, whenever I came around, he would jump up and wag his tail. Yesterday, I noticed that when I walked by his cage, he didn’t even jump up, he just eyed me. That was it, because he knew that he wasn’t going to get out and play with me.

My relationship to my dog is very similar to my relationship with my parents, friends, and family members. The more that I grow up and busy I become, the more I am distant from everyone. So, yesterday I decided to call some of my distant friends to see how they were doing. Now, I have noticed how so very much has changed.


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