The day of demarcation has come.

The day of demarcation has come. I started this blog on my birthday last year. I hoped to build some stamina, clear my voice and entice a few editors to correct some of my habits. I hoped for a random number of reads, realizing that I was no way near ready for a public reveal of any variety.

I eclipsed those goals in December and began listening, looking for a new, more rigorous training regimen. Here’s what has come to light. In March, five fabulous women from Birmingham and I will begin to write in a common blog format. We will examine some things for which our hearts share a regard.

I am excited to relay that our ages span the scope of “womanhood.” There are young guns and forty somethings and even a few wiser women. We have different church backgrounds and preferences, though we are bound together by our love for Christ and His grace toward us. We all moonlight at real jobs, but at our core, we are all writers, story-tellers, crafters of tales.

I will continue to post and provide venue for young, upcoming writers in this blog. But, I am so pleased to be entering this new and more public place of sharing my thoughts. I thank you for your partnership so far. Your return to read here, again and again, has helped give me confidence to swim some deeper waters.

Our first gathering is tonight!

I’ll link everything up come March.



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  1. i really, really love this and can’t wait for it.

    and i really, really love you.

    a lot.


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