a time to keep and a time to throw away (or sell for pennies on the dollar to kindergarten children) ecc3:6;kws version

Khartoum children of St. Vincentphoto © 2009 Arsenie Coseac | more info (via: Wylio)

“One day as I was eating a newly ripened mango the children had ruthlessly disengaged from the branch of our compound tree, Jesus turned my afternoon snack into a message: Rest is when the work becomes as simple as bearing fruit. Fruit cannot be forced. Mangoes grow only in mango season, and if it is not mango season then enjoy papayas instead. That is rest.

-Michele Perry, Excerpt from Love Has A Face (Chosen)

Michele, please read her incredible blog,  is my new hero who I would love to have as a friend. Her beliefs and mine sing harmony. She values what I am learning that I value, too.  Her work is hard and distant from me, but the most real (meaningful) that I have ever observed.

I have little to say, today. But in Bible class, we talked about stuff, stuff we don’t even use, stuff just gathering dust in a room in our houses. Stuff we don’t even remember that we have. Stuff we step over and think maybe one day, …if we have  garage sale. Fact is, most of that stuff is worth little. Very little. But, it might be worth something, to someone. We talked about what we might do with it all, other than just trashing it. And I wondered if we would only be spreading the stuff disease, if we had an auction. A penny auction. The purpose would primarily be math. K-5 ers and 1st graders could participate in an auction at school to learn math and business and to potentially bring home a treasure once owned by  big kid. I’m sure parents would be thrilled to have our junk in their house, but at least their child would have  gained some math skills. And we might make enough to educate a child or two for a year. Someone tell me what that is worth?


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  1. Great to meet you too Kimberly! Thank you so much for stopping by 😉

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