day is done

A day to God is like a thousand years…. (2 Peter 3:8)

I’ve spent the last nine weeks daily writing my heart and what I sense to be God’s, toward a particular group of students. We’ve gone places I did not dare believe that we would. We have run down trails that I just hoped they would come to believe trustworthy. We have watched and waited quietly, and listened hard for hearts, and heard, even when our words failed and we gave in to groans. Somewhere, in all those prompts and paragraphs, we read a story that struck us deeply… our own. We saw in the mirrors of another’s eyes how wonderful we were. Somehow, God broke into our brokenness and begged us, “Come close.” Bent over our wounds, but believing the best of Him, we made brave steps. Not crowding, but making way for each other, we moved together where we might not have ventured alone.

Sometimes, there is quick reward for belief.  Sometimes, moment is stretched, drawn out like taffy over time, and equally sweet. I’ve always loved these children that chose me, to go with them. I chose them, to come along as well. We do not part the same. I am lighter; despair has been driven far. And I am more, my spirit’s muscle has toned and strengthened. Father, seal these things done in and between our grateful hearts.

There are new things around the corner for us all. Though I don’t want that corner to come. I just want to stay here and breathe this better air. I just want to remain here, where we are real, and recognized, and received. But moment is receding. The air is thinning. We will soon be forced to flee this place and space. The breath of Heaven blows now upon other slopes of God.  The cloud is borne beyond us. And move we must with Him, Who is Life and Breath. And so, I say to you, each of you: I trust you to His wind, follow its press, until you find His face.

I will never see a lesser you, no matter what.

Mrs. Kim


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  1. this makes me wish i had been your student.

    i hope they know how fortunate they are to have encountered as soul as beautiful as yours.


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