slam poetry, the second season.

Hey, look my way, just a minute. Lift your head up, come on, right here. here.  I’ll meet your eye. Let it speak what you fear and fight off. I’m not going or giving up. I’m not nearly done with coming to know all I can of you…let me learn. let me. help me, help me see, take off those cloaks and daggers. Take down those self distracting, defenses. Meet my eyes. I dare you. You might see something, something beautiful, that arrests your breath. You might see something that you never thought you’d see: yourself, standing there all tall and proud and sound and steady and ready, in a way no one, you even know, is ready to do and be all you can, …and want… quietly, deep down and hidden like gold in straw, not that needle….that pricks and draws blood less someone take or make some case against you with yours. There is gold. I’ve seen it flash in the waves of your hair in the wind, in a smile not even a bit withheld, before you checked yourself and drew it back and in. So, I’m just going to spin you and stay up late nights turning you in my fingers, God’s hands, until you come to be all glittery and shiny and new and worth even more than you weigh.

You are not straw, chaff, all the good gone, spent, this you, just left, to fall away to nothingness. I am the Alchemist’s apprentice – We, HE and me, turn what looks like straw, into what it is, gold.


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  1. Kim

    I can feel the sparkle in your eye as you gaze on this golden child of God.

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