what makes us

We were struggling, some teachers and I,  trying to tell someone what makes us, us. What we, at our school, are, on our best day. What we bring to the table against our county’s spanking new, world-class facilities and excellent teachers and all the accoutrements of a 6A system of sports?

Well, today our seniors loaded the vans for their senior trip. And it was more like camp drop off day than a field trip for senior students. A few parents showed up to send their’s off, but mainly the arms around were ours. Stuff stowed, the quasi-adults spotted us, the teachers coming out a for a look-see as the bells rung and announced their departure and 7th period. They flooded out and off, to throw their arms about us and tell us that they loved us, too… and that they would be careful and take good care of their brave sponsors and have the time of their lives. Not everyday high school, USA, huh? Nope. It’s not. And that, what we have for one another, well, it outweighs old buildings with narrow hallways and low ceilings. It outweighs every possible elective offered and all the sports ever imaged. It keeps kids coming when our teams don’t have stadiums like small colleges or a field that costs our annual budget times ten.

Why do they come? Sometimes, I asked myself, too…until today. Love covers a multitude of sins and shortcomings and even a lousy old building and a parking lot that has been known to flood.

You look aside a lot, when you are loved.


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