A week away.

Our spring break begins today. It will hardly be a dam break. There have been pin pricks and  gouges a many. The water has been escaping here, there and everywhere. Softball tournaments and senior trips and band festivals and junior beta conference. My room is nearly empty the whole day through. We are dwindling down… to a trickle of children.

We have a whole week away, sandwiched between two weekends. I have lots to do. I have to write a curriculum for the next nine weeks of bible ( I would so appreciate some prayer,)  a book or two to read or finally finish, I’m trying to catch-up, Leigh and MK, Old Ignatius has probably forgotten my name, there is the camping trip that I promised Molly girl, those loads of my laundry climbing to the ceiling, and well you know, all kinds of likewise restful things that await me during my “vacation.” None the less, I am so very happy for some time in a different room, a fresh perspective and maybe a few mornings to sleep in.

Here’s to  a restful, cheering time away for all.



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4 responses to “A week away.

  1. bah! i’m not holding you to a schedule! i haven’t been tracking with you! i will pick it back up this weekend, though, as it is the first weekend in forever i have absolutely NO plans.

    here’s to hoping your spring break is all that you want it to be and more. 😉


    • So glad for you to have free time! Enjoy it! Wish I could see you over the break, but as you see, I am booked! But, please, please know, you are my favorite person to do my favorite thing, nothing, with!

  2. I’m new to this blogging scene. Am working on creating my own WordPress site. I’m an author who just got picked up by an exciting agent! But her first directive was, “Blog, Ann. Post pages from your novel. Post recipes. Get yourself out there.” So here I am, surfing the WordPress sites and found you—and I’m glad I did. Looking forward to reading all your past posts and new ones. And for your spring break? Let go and Let God. Have a good one!

  3. Isn’t that strange? that storms make us feel alive? I can’t explain it, but it certainly happens!

    (Oh, and happy spring break!)

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