The orange is out.

The orange is out. Blue voids have caught fire. Soon red will sizzle hot at the center. And I’m dazzled and a bit dazed and unsure where to go. But where would one go, save to keep looking on, long as one can? To let color fly fierce, and fade far, before turning a shoulder and stepping less surely on east.

So, I’m just standing here, eyes all alit by surreal tones that are taking me to times long let go…and  thinking of who we have become together, and remembering…

We’ve shared many rises and sets, now. I know your faces in bright fluorescent light and in shadow. I know your cry in a crowd and your whisper of awe. In darkness, your hand on my arm is unmistakable. We have been to places of deep joy and to those of breaking pain. We have sat and stood and laid on our face in holy fear before God’s goodness. We have grieved for more God and grieved for those who know less. We have stared through one another and beheld God’s very face.

So, I stand up straight and make you a promise to make this hour sweet and sustaining and maybe a little stretching, too. Soon, it all changes. We drop the titles and the tedium. We let them sink below like this last light, more about mood and motivation than any enlightenment, any text’s true rendering. And we take in, once more, one last time, this time, this day that we are given.

I don’t know that I have anything better to give you than what we have already known. I doubt that I do. But, I have made provision for you to share this time, this very last of our day, with me….for us to sit and simply watch the colors dance, one more time.


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  1. Kim

    I hope your students are aware how blessed they are. I have a feeling most of them know. How could they not?

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