You answered my question before it even formed in me. Answered the, “What can I play, what can I say?” with what I hardly dare to share, much less lead us all in. God, I see the place we are to travel, the steeps and the slopes make me feel dizzy, and at the same time, giddy. My feet feel even now, a race of electricity which will run up my legs and toward my  heart.

Why here, why now, God? My mind saw it there and with them. Other places, other faces. And yet, this is the room all alit, this is the space so sacredly draped in golds. This was only to be a holding, a spectating place to watch together another day’s decline. This was only to be a better breath, to last exhale.

My heart is racing on, nearly keeping up with Yours, as You move on beyond what I would know and want. My heart runs on, though my head shakes itself and wavers, looking left and right, across the desks that soon will be filled. And You, You nod on, Yes, Your chin high and then nearly to your breast, over every one. And I am staggered back into a board still stained with last quarter’s computations and final day comments to me. Wide eyed, watching what could not be, Lord?



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2 responses to “Answer

  1. Awesome poem. I’m becoming a real fan! I think you’ll enjoy looking at my husband’s website, it’s all about our outdoor sanctuary for prayer and healing. The website is:

    • Thanks, Ann. I did go look around. Your husband has done a beautiful job. Wish I was closer, I’d drive out.

      Excited about your new book. I teach Economics and have done a unit on the premise of your book, biotech and its curse/blessing nature, especially when profit is the goal of those who hold and enforce the patents.

      I would definitely love to read it.

      I’m interested in your series for children, too. My school might be interested or already using them! I’ll check on that.

      I have found the internet to be a great source of encouragement and even friendship. It has so expanded my world and vision.
      So glad to have you reading!

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