Lightning strikes

I have a friend whom lightning seems to strike, naturally and spiritually. When she opens herself and obeys it’s like lightning flowing through her to me, she is just that kind of vessel. I was thinking about the concept of vessel. What it means that God flows through us to others. Wow! But He does, He has in my life as receiver and giver so many times.

We worked with the song, “What does it feel like?” today. I got some great responses of resonance, and even better explanations of those responses. Today, I want to press a few places.

Here are some phrases that stood out to so many of us?

” …God is all around”

“…when Heaven comes down.”

” …the winds of heaven roar.”

Today, we aren’t just going to listen, we are going to sing and feel the words and the sounds of God resonate through us. And we are going to ask God to take us back – to quickly scan the mental movies long logged in our heads and show us what it is like….when He is all around, when heaven comes down, when the winds of heaven roar.

And remember, and share…a little lightning.


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  1. As usual, you’ve struck a nerve. Great insights.

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