I love a quiet Sunday.

Today, I did not have to make 3 or 4 trips after church service back to church to ferry some child of mine to a practice…all before evening church which starts at 5:30 pm. ( Heathen that I am, I don’t usually go.)  Then my two oldest and I go to Edge, which we love, at 7:oo pm . We would go to EDGE at 3:00 am any day of the week.

But, oh my gosh, I hate Sundays, at least Sundays between Christmas and Fine Arts. I do nothing but drive. Did I say that I hated Sundays? Because there is nothing the least bit sabbatical about them. And Saturdays are game days, like tournament game days, for just about all my kiddos. (In addition to the 2- 3 games we play during the week.)

So, since I rarely have a sabbath weekly, I have gone whole hog into retreats, extended sabbaths, if you will. I LOVE THEM! I actually like them better than a regular old sabbath, rest and recreate kind of day. So, since it is now beautiful in Bama and all points south, I’ve been thinking about my next retreat from reality.

I usually go alone, but meet up with a friend of mine who I adore and who lives somewhere beautiful…I’m hoping my coastal friends are reading and realizing that this is an incredibly forward attempt to get an invite. (I’m teasing, we have already discussed it.) So, I’m feeling the need to fly away soon, for a long weekend. Anybody want to join me or wave me on in?

Anyway, today we had a reprieve from all the practices and it was bliss. I actually rested, God recreated some things in me and EDGE tonight was off the hook, incredible. SO thankful for a for real sabbath.


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  1. well, you know you have a standing invitation here…

    just saying.


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