al fresco fun

I was searching for my kiddos after school yesterday and stopping by to see my friend, Melissa, who teaches with me. I found Number One Son in her room with her and a group of students, just hanging out, talking and waiting to see if their math tutor would be making their appointment today. When I came in, they were all eating some kind of sherbet ice thing that was being sold by a drive-up in the parking lot. They saw my obvious curiosity and began offering me some. It was good, so good that Trento went and bought his mama one of her choice.

The tutor was still in absentia, so Melissa and I  laughed and joked with this oh so precious group of kids, such a menagerie and yet clearly cool with one another. There was my Trent, the consummate outdoorsman, smart but too busy laughing, joking, fishing, hunting deer and turkey and coons to work too hard at schooling. Matt, super smart and careful and always up for a gathering, a party, Mr. Make It Happen. There was Andrew (aka Whitey) not too loud, a baseballer who reads voraciously and is a catch in the making. And Hope, her mama is a teacher who is so loved at KCS. Hope is a writer in the making, a talent true as her beauty,  is also a gorgeous track star. (I posted some of her work here.) And, The Child I Love, who of late just seems to show up in all the same circles with me. Melissa and I love this child, the only practicing Catholic christian in a sea of fundie/charismatics.

When it was determined that the tutor was not going to make it for their session, Matt suggested a run to Sonic. Actually, Chinese, but we just weren’t all up for MSG, so Sonic got the call. Matt ran to get Hope’s mama, Tracy, and we all loaded up, my Molly in tow of course, she would never want to miss an impromptu party, and headed over. Melissa picked up her adorable imp at the daycare and came on as well.

So, at forty-five years of age, I am not out with the ladies dining al fresco, having a drink, but sharing a sundae and tater tots in the warm spring breeze with a bunch of the sweetest kids in the world. We were so glad to be out with these high-schoolers who are kind to Melissa’s smiling, glad to be there with the big kids, 4-year-old and Tracy’s quiet 4th grader and my LOUD 6th grader. These students are as free and fun with us as their many friends.

We love them so, hopefully they know it, we think they just might. Before we left for Sonic, Melissa and I listened as The One I Love, explained to us how she had been thinking about transferring per “The Parental Plan,” to the huge, awesome catholic high school next year. “But now,” she said looking at us, “I think I just might stay, I’d miss a lot.”


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  1. Fun to read about your day. By the way . . . MSG? Sends me to the ER. in need of an EKG.

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