I love to build team

I love to build team. I love to gather the like hearted and minded who are fabulously unlike in gifting. I love to collaborate. I love the energy that fills a room when it is time to create.

It’s starting to be that season again. I can see the associations growing, the gifts converging, the glint of moment on the horizon in others eyes. And I am stoked.

About a week ago, I made an announcement to a group of young, gathered musicians, ones I have been watching and praying for a while now. It kinda jumped out of my mouth, “If you are thinking about writing or have started, press into it now. It’s time. It’s going to flow.” They looked at me a little startled, I’m sure they asked themselves who exactly I was in this regard.  ( They have known me most of their young lives.) But, I know GO! when I hear it. And Houston, we have a GO!

About a week before, Hannah and I had thrown around an idea and in a matter of minutes she had birthed something phenomenal. She sang it for us last Thursday night. We are on the backside of that.

This Sunday night our young composer asked me to come hear something on the grand. He had written 4 new pieces of music, had ideas for lyrics. The music was gorgeous and Hannah has gone to work on the words. She’ll pull them in, she probably already has.

I am having so much fun, watching and encouraging and pressing them to the full place God would have us go in this season. So much fun!



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2 responses to “I love to build team

  1. Outstanding! Inspiration hit me today, and I’ll be building a “team” at a local summer theatre project for kids. My character, Johnny Vic, will go back in time and remind locals of our Christian heritage. http://www.annrichduncan.com

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