I love to find or see connections that are to be made. I love to get the right people together at the right time. When I say I like to build team, I don’t necessarily mean my own. I may well not be “on” the team. I just like to help put teams together.

I think our team screening exercise in Bible class yesterday, they had to list resources, potential team members in their lives, may have instigated some things laying dormant, just waiting on some watering to come up out of the ground. I could so easily see the connections coming about, little words offered and received and the Holy Spirit at work weaving holy things together.

It’s so cool when connections come clear. When the points of contact seem spray painted with electric green or orange paint. For some reason, things are exaggerated like that, all around right now. Like, “Don’t miss this. Here, right here!”  It’s not nearly always that way.

But, yesterday it was, and today it is, and tomorrow it just may be… so you better believe I will do all I can (pray) to help make those connections occur.


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