what makes me angry?

Closed-mindedness, propagandizing, half drunk water bottles left on the floor in my room for eternity’s passing. Immaterial arguments, long-lost socks and wet towels on the floor, everyday. Burnt bread, cleaning grease out of pipes, and lectures – the non-academic variety. Christian radio, political talk shows, poor leadership. Over salted foods, socks and shoes all over the house, and spiritual abuse. My printer interface not working, no codes to the school routers and pedantic spiritual instruction. Corporate greed, GOB’s clubs, and lateness.

Lots of things of no consequence used to bother me, that’s not so true anymore. One learns to pick her battles, to be thin-skinned in few areas. But, many things, see above again, do still get in my craw… and I get angry.

How ’bout you?


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One response to “what makes me angry?

  1. avspinks

    You ask, what makes me angry? Not much……..Christians who don’t act like Christians, undercooked hotdogs, wet towels on the carpet, stubborn people who don’t think they are stubborn, selfishness, and not having control of my time.

    I used to get aggravated when I had to wait for long periods of time, but now I don’t mind it – as long as I have my kindle! LOL

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