sirens at 5:00am

The sirens don’t usually startle me, neither do storms. I’m a want to be chaser. If I didn’t have a family, I’d chase. I love the energy in the air,  the tension in the atmosphere, the pregnant pause that precedes a storm.

So, I usually get the kids to the basement, to our below ground room and head to the front porch to watch and pray. But, this morning, something in the siren signaled for me to do otherwise.

The storm, actually straight line winds, blew strong, north of our enclave. Trees did go down near to us. But, the worst of it headed for the city. This morning, something in that siren spoke differently, warned in another tone, “Don’t play today. Don’t take time to watch, pray.”

The plan is to let us all out at 1:00pm today. There is a big storm set on the way from MS. The weather folk are all a frenzy. It gets like this every other day in Alabama in the spring time. Tornadoes are no big deal, unless they have your name.

It’s cool, right now, too cool for good storms. But, that siren this morning struck a chord not usually hammered and it’s still ringing in my ear.



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2 responses to “sirens at 5:00am

  1. Thanks for praying and sharing. Lindsey and I never even got out of bed. 🙂

  2. Brack

    you heard right.

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