They brought it!

I don’t think most expected much, they never do of these. But this class, who are mine, ever, always, who I have seen from nearly day one…are more than they appear, they are sleepers and more serious than they would ever betray to unbelievers.

But, for good or ill, I believe; it’s my business and I have always believed in these kids. I see and find folks of their ilk and age: the restless and resisting. So does the incredible teacher/mentor the wind and waters of Katrina carried our way this year. So much more than a colleague, my friend, Melissa, who is maybe even a bit more stubborn a believer than I am, saw and stuck it out with them, too. Their performance is the fruit of her heart’s work as well.

Last night, this class gave the second of two stellar performances. No one in attendance failed to rave, no one who spoke to me could ever remember anything nearly so fabulous at our school. Those students burst right through that malaise that they’ve somehow come to carry as a trademark. But, the malaise never was a real thing, just a thing imagined by those easily put off by the questioning and cantankerous. I think it was more a veil, hiding them until they could better grow into themselves.

I am, have always been proud to call them mine, to claim  them however they  might have me in their lives.

Really wish you could have been there. It was sweet, sweet in so many ways.

( Gotta run. I still have letters to write.)



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2 responses to “They brought it!

  1. LOVE this. so glad it was so good.

    love you.

    love that girl you’re hugging there, too.


  2. Lord, my friend challenges me to write letters to my children…the ones bound for high school in just a few short weeks. Give us both wisdom as we write life words on the page for the children You’ve given us to love and spur on…some for years…some for only months.

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