end of a long day

We’ve hauled around 1000 days together, maybe a few more. When I got there, their eyes were staring up at me. Most of them weren’t yet fully themselves. They were chasing after being somebody else or another. Most of them looked back and forth toward friends a great deal before speaking or acting. Nobody, really looked at me too seriously. I was just another in a long line of teachers who would do what they could and then take a seat in the their lives. And I have been that…for many, for most of them.

I didn’t want to be. But, I was and I’m okay with that.

But tonight several of “my kids,” the ones I write about as often as my own, graduate…and that makes me so very sad, except for the fact that they have agreed to take me with them. Most, not all, but most of  ‘my kids” are staying in town on scholarship to one of the finest schools, particularly for health fields, in the United States.

Next year, with Pastor Jeremy’s oversight, I will run our Edge initiative. I will also start a college small group aimed at helping to further train these “stay at homes” and integrate those that they meet in college. And, in turn, the “stay at homes” will help us run Edge.

So, it is the end of a rather long day…ah, but soon comes the breaking of a bright new dawn.


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