Mission accomplished, again!

I have droned on about being a writer, a real one,  for years now. I still want to be. I guess that I am a decent writer. But, you know what I do well? better than anything? I get others writing. I haven’t as of yet released any titles, but I’ve  released my share of writers. Some of you have always written, but never shown a soul anything you’ve penned. Some of you have rarely sat still long enough to get it out, but you did for me and now, well, you just can’t stop. And some of you just needed a believer to help you make commitment to take it to the next level.

Today, my Mississippi friend, blown my way, for a season, by a favorable wind, went public with what she can do, who she is. I could not be prouder. See why I love her so, here.



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2 responses to “Mission accomplished, again!

  1. miranda

    You are amazing at getting people to be expressive. For me, it was through writing, and i couldnt be more grateful.

    • Miranda,
      Are you writing: journaling, blogging? You have a gift….your poetry is emotive and powerful… your prose is brave. I treasure what you shared with me. Keep it coming.


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