Want to hear something cool?

These boys have beautiful voices and they are donating their time and travel expenses and those sweet voices to come sing for us and the children of Africa who need clean water. We at Epoch/Edge are so proud to sponsor a Neverthirst Benefit concert, with Icarus Account, 8:00 pm, Friday, June 17th, at the Epoch Center, Kingwood Church, Alabaster, AL.

You know what is even better than great music in Alabaster, AL? The fact that our Edge kids totally put this together all by themselves. All Jeremy had to do was say, “Yes, you can have the concert here.” All I had to do was say, “Yes, I will feed those fellas and…(my addition) all you VIP organizers.”

My teenage girls would have killed me if I had turned down the chance to have these guys at our house. ( You should have heard the squealing!)

So, since most of you reading don’t live around here, if you do, or want to road-trip, come,  $8.00 at the door, would you pray…for safe travel for the guys and logistics and that I wouldn’t burn the barbeque. And would you thank God with me for kids who work jobs and work hard in school and spend what little free time they have in summer, trying to get clean water to kids, a world away.

I’ll be sure to post the pictures so you can feel like you were there as well.


How ’bout some more music?


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