Sunshine in the forecast!

One of the youth leaders and I employed her weather app to check ( once again) the weather for Panama City Beach, next week. All clear! You can’t know how thankful we are for that. Last year the forecast and actual weather was rain, followed by rain, followed by more rain and then rain. It rained. Not afternoon thunderstorms, so common during summer at the gulf, we had hurricane bands of rain and seas more rough than I have ever experienced them. All spring, I was a little worried thinking about this year.

For whatever reason, we are getting the all clear.

There is a part of my person that seems to enjoy worry and the actions of contingencies. But, for whatever the reason, this summer such is not showing itself so in my soul. I am existing and enjoying and trying to take in what is. I’m reading both the challenging and the entertaining. I am writing to build relationship and connection, but not forcing myself to produce materials. (There is time enough for that.)

Yesterday, Molly and I made my grandmother’s pound cake. It was really good. Not better than my Mama’s, but really good nonetheless. Last night, I swapped kids with dear friends of our family  (my children have campaigned for years for us to let them be adopted by these dear folks.) And today, I have sat and talked with them over breakfast and lunch and in the car on errands. I’ve heard new stories and expanded my heart just a little more.

I don’t have many duties for Beach Freak, other than be the watchful mama. (Mainly CRAZY FUN adults go on this thing.) Most of “my girls” have aged up and will be leading in capacities this year. So, my plan is to sit in the sun and ride some waves that won’t suck me out to Cuba  …and listen to some more stories of other people’s sons and daughters.



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2 responses to “Sunshine in the forecast!

  1. Brack

    Jesse and I conversed about the rain during Beach Freak not to long ago. He came up with the theory (after libby, lane, tornadoes, tragedies, ect.) around us, that beach freak’s rain on the best event that us youth kids look forward to for the whole year, was a metaphor for a strong storm in many of our lives that we live around the ones we love and that we are to protect as much as we can, whether it just be through prayer and letting God do what He desires to, or to physically stay there for them right by their side. Hearing that it’s sunny, maybe this is going to be a good year. I hope it stays clear, as well as you guys being safe that whole week! I’ll miss you guys! This made me remember our conversations on the beach and in the pool when it was sprinkling, I sure do love you.

  2. I love you, too. We will have more rainy day and sunny day talks!

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