my world is small

We are getting the pictures up from Beach Freak. This is one of my favorites, and not just because these are two of my favorite folks. This is Kenzie and Jesse. Their standing on the shore is significant. Jesse came a long way to join up with my life. He is my second son. He and Trent are twins, separated before birth by an ocean and a hemisphere and language and well, just about everything…except Jesus.

Kenzie will surely have many such journeys in her life as well. I’m sure she will take me with her through her pictures and the stories she will bring to light. Maybe, I’m hoping,  I can go with her in other ways as well.

All that to say, these kids make my world small, and stretch my heart bigger!


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  1. The little things you do for me that totally alter the outcome of my day. Mrs. Kim, you blow my mind! Words can’t express how awesome you are to me. I can look in your eyes and see a reflection of God’s heart. Love you so much.

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