Make sure you celebrate your students.

During BeachFreak we, the “leaders,” had a class. During the one PJ wasn’t leading, a fellow leader offered an idea, to celebrate your kids. It kind of stuck in me. Not because we don’t do so at all. But, because I think it is something I can do better and more. Maybe, just’s what I do best.

So, I’m going to dedicate lots of space to that here. This sight is primarily an expression of my experiences in teaching and ministering with and to youth anyway. At least once a week, I’ll highlight someone you should know, or something you should know about. (Yes, I see that preposition.)

Things in God’s church are NOT getting worse. I can’t see that anywhere in the kids I am around.

Are their challenges greater? Yes.

Are they made more to meet them? Yes, I believe that they are.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re my friend. And I am SO thankful that you’re being used by Abba to love teenagers. Their challenges are greater, but their God is all the more GREAT!
    Thanks for sharing!

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