Just thinking about my friends, scattered…all over the grill top of this world. (Obviously, I am thinking of Waffle House, too.) Which can I say, I don’t know if I prefer more or less since the new non-smoking regulations were employed at my local WH. Granted, I like being able to both see the menu and breathe as I eat, but honestly, something in the experience is gone.

First, I have almost always only eaten at WF at the appropriate time to do so: LATE NIGHT, as in I’m so tired, I can’t see anyway. So, I guess the blue haze never really bothered me so badly, just provided an ambiance.

Sad passing.

Anyway..I was just thinking about my friends scattered about everywhere like those taters. Tomorrow, I get to connect up with a few still nearby on the old grill top and boy does that make me smile. Those potato cuts for browns are meant, I think, to stick together, to get brown: thick-skinned and  sweet (carmelized) around the outer edge, but, to stay tender and more transparent toward one another, where they join up…and kinda stick together, the way good hash browns should do.

I don’t like my hash browns scattered and I like lots of ketchup. Pun totally intended. How about you?


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