Here’s the how…

Jeremy and Tiff and I have a great deal of help. I want to show you just a bit of it today, at least those who were present and took great photos last night. ( I’ll get the rest of you at another event.)

The secrets of our success:

This is Haleigh. If you need an idea to become a reality, she’s your girl. Usually, she has the good ideas, too. We mainly nod our heads, yes, at this one.

This is Kim and Lauren. Some of what “we” do is  organize, facilitate, and run a youth program and its communication systems for 200 + students. Well, actually,  that would be what Lauren does. Packing up  all our stuff, keeping up with what we need, telling us what we are doing…that would be Lauren, too.

Kim is starting to do some of that for me with the GRADS. Kim, please don’t stop. Lauren will assure you that I am helpless.

These two ( Milz and Hannah) do everything that I cannot, that I wouldn’t know how to do or that I am just too plain chicken to try. They are my heroes.

This ( center and right) is Katy and Anna.  They are everywhere, doing everything. EPOCH couldn’t do what it does without them. Thanks, girls!

Jarrod breaks boundaries in God, he pushes me to places that I might not go alone. He is awesome and pretty dang fearless. And this little man seems to be following in his footsteps.

                                          Love Ryan’s artist heart…He schools us in worship.

                                                               This is Kenzie. My protege’.

This is Mama Renee. Thank you Jesus for so generous a spirit. A youth pastor friend was relating how much time his kids spend at his house – though he loves it. Hmm. I thought. Ours spend all their time at Renee’s. We like to go there, too.

You may be asking, What do you do? Heck, you are thinking, the other leaders probably even take care of your younguns for you. ( They do.) Mandy  volunteered for the duty last night.

Well, we school them in Fun 101. Jerm is working on his Doctorate, you know. Just call him Prof. Fun.

We help them wrestle through things, like who will get the last of the chips. This is Paddy. Paddy is first in and all out. He does nothing halfway. He often wins the chips.

                                                 But, mainly we just have fun! Can’t you tell?

                        Mostly, we just revel in all God has given us…such beautiful kids to love.

This gang of kids who have been here with us quite a while now…are the real deal. They make us look good at every turn. We don’t know why we have been so blessed to have them come our way, walk with us and help us forge the future… a future that looks even brighter, yet.

But we sure are glad that they did.

Thank you girls. Thank you guys. We sure do love you.


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  1. PJ

    Wow- that’s why I’m never leaving youth ministry.

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